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Capricious #11 Call for Submissions

Artist Brief – Capricious #11 – The Fashion Issue
Guest Editor, JOFF

As we approach the production of our 11th issue of Capricious, it seems like an appropriate time for a little retrospective viewing on our behalf. As far as we are concerned, we have always been far from addressing “fashion” as most of us know it. Fashion photography has received a lot of space within mainstream printed media and even though we love fashion, we have always made a clear point of not being a fashion magazine.

Fashion photography is dictated within certain parameters wherein the Capricious mindset cannot have its freedom to flourish. We aim to showcase emerging artists whose work falls within the space between fashion photography and fine art photography. However, when we take a step outside of what we typically understand to be the definition of “fashion,” we may reframe it as a whimsical phenomenon that touches and seduces our hearts by creating the illusion of an alternate world. In that sense, “fashion” actually comes very close to the thoughts and visions we represent in the pages of Capricious.

Here, we are interested in fashion as the illusion or dream, which touches our hearts, as the representation of the body and all it’s forms and interpretations, and as the composition of the elements that create that image.

Capricious #11: “The Fashion Issue” will present work of selected photographers who address fashion not as we know it to be represented within the strict rules of editorial fashion photography, but as the larger phenomena of fashion.

**PLEASE NOTE: Credits for clothing design, models, stylists etc. will NOT be included – in keeping with the notion that the selected work is not for fashion advertisement.

We want you to submit 6-12 photographs (more will not be viewed). We accept all formats and all colors. Email your submission (images should be approximately 8x10 inches @ 72 dpi) to: submit@capriciousmagazine.com
Not all submissions will be guaranteed a spot in the coming issue yet capricious will consider your submission for future issues. Please make sure you have model (or any other legally necessary) releases for all submitted work. Capricious has the right to use published material in promotional matters.
Deadline: JULY 5, 2010
Capricious mailing: 302 Bedford Ave #114, Brooklyn, NY 11211
For further questions, please email submit@capriciousmagazine.com